"After battling with celiac disease, intense bloating and abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, body pain, anxiety, depression, brain fog, chronic pain, and feeling like giving up, I found Montserrat. My life has completely changed for the better."

“I had been frustrated by doctors who weren’t looking for the cause of my problem’s and would only offer band aids. I spent so much money trying to figure this out before and got nowhere. By the time I found Montse, I was ready to dive deep and find the root cause of this.

Once we started the program, Montserrat came up with a regimen that started working right away. I felt very cared for and heard by her. The program was such a game changer. The diet and supplements have been amazing. Within a month I lost 13lbs without even trying, my bloating went down several pant sizes, my fear of food went away.

Montse is a breadth of knowledge and has found the missing pieces to my health. I wish I had found her so much earlier. After feeling alone and unheard by the medical system, feeling scared and giving up….Montserrat gave me hope.

In 2 months Ive gotten more improvements than everything I did in the previous 10 years. I lost 16 lbs, my skin was glowing, my anxiety was gone, I could think more clearly, my stress was way down, pain gone, and I am a happier person. 

Why work with Montse? She is up to date with the latest functional medicine practices, she truly cares, has a great nurturing and comforting presence, and you really feel heard.

To have all these elements together brings it to a whole other level of healing.”