Are you an exhausted working mom struggling
with zero energy and vitality?
If so, The Montse Method can help.

Mana Integrative Health

Are you an exhausted working mom struggling with zero energy and vitality?

If so, The Montse Method can help.

Functional Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine

Have you been ...

I can help.


Hi, I’m Montserrat

Founder of Mana Integrative Health

Licensed Accupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

As a dedicated mom, partner, and small business owner I know how important good health is in supporting an active, multifaceted, and mission-driven life.

I also know what it feels like to just get by, maintaining but not thriving. I too have struggled with — and overcome — fatigue, digestive issues, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. It’s when body, mind and spirit are fully aligned and functioning optimally that we not only feel our best but are also able to truly give our best.

That’s the reason I do what I do. So that you can be and do what’s most important to you.

With more than 14 years of experience in the integrative medicine field, I incorporate the use of cutting edge lab technology with my knowledge of ancient medicine and healing practices to create a plan unique to you and your needs and goals.

Listen to Montserrat's in-depth conversation with Rachel Wilson regarding the importance of functional nutrition for breastfeeding mothers:

Paediatric Sleep and Parenting Podcast with Rachael Wilson

Mana Integrative Health is on a mission...

to provide specialized knowledge, cutting edge tools, and ongoing encouragement and support — all grounded in a personalized roadmap to optimal health.

Our goal? To empower you to achieve your highest potential at home, work, and play. You’re one of a kind — and the wellness plan that will work for you needs to be too.

(Functional Medicine consults are held online via secure telemedicine platform from anywhere in the world.)

What We Offer

A lab-based, whole body, and fully individualized approach to wellness that treats you as the unique individual that you are

Lifestyle and nutrition coaching to assist you in making lasting, impactful changes

A structured path of specifically tailored and incremental health improvements that will stick with you over the long-term and improve your quality of life

The willingness to meet you where you are today and join you in a collaborative partnership that takes you where you want to go

What We Believe

Partnership =

We’re all about a collaborative, co-creative and 100% committed approach to achieving your health goals. We’re in this together!

Education =

Bringing an open mind and a willingness to learn supports dynamic self growth, personal empowerment and true vitality.

Insight =

Health is a journey. Turning toward symptoms rather than denying them can offer powerful insights for deep healing.

Take Action on Your Health Goals Today

Mana is the life force, the energy, and the healing power

that permeates the universe.

Mana is cultivated and intentional,

never random or directionless.

Mana is you.

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