I see you, mama.

Motherhood is exhausting in a way you didn’t expect.

Ready to get your life back
(and finally enjoy a hot cup of coffee)?

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It's not just the cold coffee, stale leftovers, and disconnect from yourself…it's that you're missing out on your life.

I can help.

Hi, I’m Montserrat.

I know what it feels like to just get by, maintaining but not thriving. Trying to keep up with the daily tasks that take away from my work, myself, and my inspiration.  I still have days like that…but I’m not as exhausted as I was!

It’s time to stop the scroll and finally get some rest!

When we work together, YOU come first.

Let’s make a plan to get your life back.

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What We Offer

A lab-based, whole body, and fully individualized approach to wellness that treats you as the unique individual that you are

Lifestyle and nutrition coaching to assist you in making lasting, impactful changes

A structured path of specifically tailored and incremental health improvements that will stick with you over the long-term and improve your quality of life

The willingness to meet you where you are today and join you in a collaborative partnership that takes you where you want to go

Take Action on Your Health Goals Today

Mana is the life force, the energy, and the healing power

that permeates the universe.

Mana is cultivated and intentional,

never random or directionless.


Mana is you.

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