How does it all work?

Curious what it’s like to enroll as a functional medicine client and begin our work together? The information below will walk you through the process and prepare you for the exciting journey you are about to embark on!


We'll begin with Wellness Mapping, a free 15 minute exploratory call that encourages you to envision your personal definition of optimal health and map out the steps you'll need to take to reach your goals. We'll discuss how your specific symptoms can be treated, and together we'll establish our partnership.


Your Initial Appointment (online) will allow us to dive deep into your complete medical history and current health challenges. The appropriate labs will be chosen and ordered at this time.


While we await your lab results, you'll get moving with your Wellness Journey Kickstart. Personalized health coaching with nutrition and lifestyle guidance begins immediately, provides structure, and will have you feeling better fast.


Lab Analysis and Program Consult: With an in-depth lab interpretation, we will show you the root cause of your issues and how to fix them. This is where the real collaborative work begins: a just-for-you program will be designed in a specific sequence lasting from 3 - 12 months.


Ongoing Support and follow-up appointments are scheduled approximately every 4-6 weeks, based on your individual wellness program. Our goal is to keep you on a steady path, revise when necessary, and support you until your desired results have been achieved!


Personalized Maintenance Program: You're family now, and we're here for you, as your partner in health ! Health maintenance, disease prevention, and continued support and encouragement as you need it are our top deliverables.

Ready to get started?

We’re honored you’re considering working with us.

Functional Medicine

We dig deep into the cause of an ailment using science-based cutting edge labratory testing, Using a collaborative approach with the patient, we focus on lifestyle, diet, sleep, and supplements to reach optimal health.


Nutrition is one of the pillars of health in Chinese Medicine. In order to heal the body, mind and spirit, it is important to evaluate diet and lifestlye practices. Montserrat believes that proper nutrition and lifestyle are a large part of the healing process. She is eager to work with patients on implementing new and easy practices for optimal health.