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Montserrat Corsino
Montserrat Corsino uses a truly integrative approach to healing. She uses Functional medicine to complete a well rounded assessment and therapeutic program for any ailment. Functional medicine incorporates the use of functional medical lab testing, medical supplement programs, and lifestyle and nutrition coaching.
I am here to support you in feeling so good, you are unstoppable.
Your health is the most influential aspect of your life. When your health is suffering, so will other areas of your life. If you’re always tired, in pain, anxious, depressed, or have mood fluctuations, you really can’t live up to your full potential. You deserve the opportunity to go after your dreams. If you believe this too, I want to help you get there.
I found the healing path throughout my life, starting as a child where antibiotics were taken frequently and there was no mention of healing foods by my pediatrician. I learned to be in tune with my body and what it was saying, realizing that a single medicine could not be the answer to true health.
After college I traveled the world for 7 years, learning about myself, foreign cultures, and the value of high-quality health care. After I got hit with a parasitic infection in Nicaragua, pneumonia in Brazil, and dengue fever in India, it was clear to me that my purpose on this planet was to give back. To serve people in the most profound of ways, getting them back to true health.
My mission is to support you in getting back into a state of balance and vitality. I am driven to show you what it feels like to really be healthy.
I look forward to working with you.

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Montserrat Corsino


"After battling with celiac disease, intense bloating and abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, body pain, anxiety, depression, brain fog, chronic pain, and feeling like giving up, I found Montserrat. My life has completely changed for the better."